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Our Story

We are a tested-and-trusted leading service offering the best in Mobile Monitoring Solutions
We often get testimonials about the impact our wireless locate solutions have had. Businesses, individual consumers, law enforcement and government agencies have developed a great reliance on our products, and we have dedicated ourselves to not letting them down. This keeps us committed to developing and delivering nothing short of the best in reliable monitoring devices that can be found in the market today. This commitment has been greatly instrumental in helping LiveViewGPS build a name and a brand around quality tracking and mobile locate solutions.

Our collection of easy-to-use and highly cost effective location solutions make use of the most sophisticated technology in helping our customers keep in touch, whenever and wherever they need the service. Our unequalled solutions have allowed our customers the much-needed ability to increase business performance and drastically reduce the cost implications on them, thereby becoming effective business investments. The fact that it helps them protect their family members and other loved ones is just an added advantage.

Delivering Value and More

At Phonetracker-geek.com, we can boldly vouch for our products, prices and our customers. To prove it, we provide with industry leading support and a satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.

Located in Southern California

Our Mobile number Tracker and mobile locate devices include vehicle and fleet-tracking systems, asset trackers, trailer tracking systems, surveillance monitoring tools, people monitoring solutions and GPS asset protection equipment.

How it works

Phonetracker-geek.com uses top of the line location technology that is already installed in your phone to instantly locate single or multiple phones on a graphic or satellite view map. By making use of both GPS and mobile data, we ensure that you get a fast, accurate location service, anywhere, anytime you might have the need for it. This makes allowance for you to turn any mobile phone on any of our supported networks into a location device for fast, easy, convenient and highly reliable monitoring.