Cell Phone Tracking Service – Friendly Or Inimical?

By | 16 October 2017

Cell Phone tracking is one of the biggest step towards the evolution of technology . Not only it is a great practical improvement in everyday lives worldwide, but it also gave the technologists an inspiration to dig deeper and look for bigger advancements in the field of technology. It did not take long for a dream to come true; after just a few decades, a more complex, but far more perfect device arrived to the market.

The cell phone of the 21st century is the world on the palm. It offers you practically any service you could think of, and the difference between a modern cell phone and its ancestors is unbelievably fascinating. As opposed to the original cell phone, whose possibilities were on communication, the modern age interaction medium goes way further.

Aside from a wide variety of helpful features and applications that consider daily activities, social life and media transfer in general, the modern cell phone also makes it practically impossible to get lost, thanks to the cell phone tracking service. As good as it is from one point of view, it has some disadvantages too.

The Advantages of Cell Phone Tracking

Personal purpose

The ability to track the phone is useful for a quite different reason. One of the best features of the invention is actually the possibility of self-locating. If someone lose their phone, simply forget where they left it, or even if someone stolen it, the tracking can indeed come in very handy in situations like those. If you leave your GPS on and then try to access your own phone via another device, you can  locate your cell. The access could also be by network, Wi-Fi or SIM card recognition. This is very useful in case of an emergency as well.

 Business management

Of course, the employees sometimes uses the business phones for professional purposes. However, that kind of gesture gives the bosses an opportunity to track the phone activities . He can track their staff during the work time, as well as their movements. It also gives them an insight into potential trust abuse. But it could also help them stay notified in case their employees are causing any traffic danger. Cell Phone tracking can be very useful in this cases.

 Friends and family

Now several social network applications have an option to know  your friends’ geo-location.  Some of them can also tell you which of your friends are near you at the moment. Such possibilities have an advantage. You don´t have to waste time trying to connect with people in an attempt to make an appointment. Or you can spare more time with them which is the highlight point of modern social life.

Cell phone tracking is also very useful for the  parents and couples. Simply by connecting via the GPS tracker, one can get a clear picture of their family members’ current movements. Doing such detective work could lead to uncovering some unpleasant facts, but it certainly spares you the unnecessary stress of wondering.

The Disadvantages of Tracking


Cell phones comes with a large number of utilities. One of the most useful of them is a large data storage space which people use for keeping their personal records. You can backup photos, videos, music, notes, messages, etc. If one hires a hacking specialist to track a phone using a better techniques in comparison to GPS, it uncovers only your current location.  Even if you are trying to hide from someone, the hacker could easily reach all the confidential data from the phone . If you are a spy this is a good new.  But imagining you being a victim of such privacy invasion surely seems like a nightmare.

The law

 The GPS method of tracking is not considered illegal, but it is considered as harassment or stalking when used in an abusive manner. Unless it is your own phone you are trying to track down, you have the obligation to inform the owner about your actions. If not, you might have problems with the law. The existent codes which consider cell phone tracking are giving the Federal Communications Commission way too much liberty. The FCC requires the providers to keep the records of the customers’ location information. But is well-known that such requests cannot be met without legally documented approvals. Only they can get the general and the most necessary information s. Also a report of a potential ongoing criminal investigation.

Phone call recording is illegal in some states without a verbal affirmation. On the other hand, those rules usually do not apply to the government agencies.

Gimmicks and limits

 It is not uncommon for hackers to steal someone’s information. Then they launch it to another device, and then shut off the phone that the victim of the theft is using. They do it for various purposes, but lately, identity theft has become the most common reason for such behavior. In order to stay protected from the personality muggers, one should regularly monitor their monthly bills. Also you stay aware of the phishing scams and, set up an authentic password for the phone lock.

One problem in the cell phone tracking is the fact that is not possible to know the location via GPS if the device is off. There are also some phone software versions with a ”hide” option which prevents the device from the possible invasion. They have  an option to allow the tracking exclusively in cases of an emergency.

Also,  if a device has poor or no reception at all, the chase will probably turn into failure.

Of course  cell phone tracking has a lot of advantages. Even though this invention has an intention to make a positive difference in the world of today, it is, yet, a risk too big to play with. The modern technology providers have the obligation to inform the customers about their possibilities and matters of precaution.  Bur in fact whether they decide to stay aware or not – it is up to them.

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