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I don’t know whether there is a “digital person” who is not aware of cell phone tracking. But I’m sure there is  a lot of people  who don’t know how to find a reliable software to do that and if it is legal to track a cell phone.

Cell Phone tracking is now highly demanded. There are plenty of services suggesting a user to track a cell phone in a legal manner. 21st century is the period of innovations and technology. Therefore today you will find so many options to track a cell phone that one can hardly imagine. But even if it’s very popular to track a cell phone there are some ethical terms and conditions that give a certain limit from where you can’t go forward. So before tracking a cell phone, you should know about this kind of stuff to avoid troubles and problems.

First thing you should know is that accessing someone’s cell phone or computer is not legal if you don’t ask for their permission. Because each of us has the right of privacy and even for a special occasion, one needs a court order to get permission of tracking a cell phone. Legally you are forbidden to access a cell phone if it’s not yours.

Once you get the permission from the cell phone owner, go on and use any method to track a cell phone. In this case you can use carrier cell phone tracking system which will ask you to install an application or will simply allow you GPS tracking. If you are not the owner of the cell phone and can’t get the permission, you can hire a private investigator and this step will be legal.  

Let’s simply imagine that you are the owner of the cell phone or you have the  permission. We are going to present you a few methods to make successful cell phone tracking.

Phone Carrier Tracking

USA has four major phone carriers and each of them suggests the tracking cell phone services if you are under the same account. This means that if your child, a friend or whoever you want to track a cell phone is under the same account like you, then you can track their cell phone with the following methods:

We suggest you another system called AT&T. This Family Map offers not an only current location to check where the phone is, but also set the location. Once the cell phone leaves that place, you will get a notification.


a family locator service which includes a few applications named Guardian. The family locator enables you to locate your family and every time you get updates when they connect to their location.


These services are very similar to the others mentioned above. It allows you family locator with location updates. In case, you create a hotspot, you get a notification when your family member leave location or when they arrive the place you’ve located.


it offers cell phone tracking for Androids. Otherwise, if you use iPhone, Windows or Blackberry or other device which doesn’t match your Android, then you will be asked to log into your T-Mobile account to navigate it.  You will also have a chance to update locations at real-time and set up automatic location.

Options for iPhone and Android

Now you will get the tools on how to use applications for iPhone and Android.  


Simply find your phone settings, after click on iCloud and check whether find my iPhone option is on. Here you go: you can use any device to log in to iCloud and check the phone location.  


Phone settings has an option called Security where you can find remotely locate this device to check if it’s turned on. Once it is set on, the GPS will start working in the background.

Cell Phone Tracking Applications

You will find plenty of cell phone tracking applications on Google play store, apple app store, Blackberry App World. But you must remember one important thing. You need written permission from the cell phone owner even if you just want to install a simple application. Because in case you collect information without the cell phone owner permission, you will face problems with low.

Now we will present you a few scam applications which we think are the best for cell phone tracking

Connect is the only application that takes all the information from social media including posts of your friends and puts all this in one place. It can even take down the location you are in and you can simply follow where everything is happening.  

Find My Friends

Quite an easy service to track your family members and friends.  But it works only when the user invites you. When the person accepts the invitation you are automatically to their network. Afterwards you can see their location at any time you wish.

Phone Tracker

This application uses GPS and provides real-time tracking. It creates 24 hour map and is the best solution to track kids.


One of the most popular cell phone tracking software’s providing innovative features to use. It has the most powerful phone monitoring tool in the market.  It allows phone locating, checking received and sent messages, checking out the call log and much more.

We researched a lot and tried to find out for you the necessary information about cell phone tracking tools and methods. You should know that if you use legal methods, you will not have any problems. But in case you don’t have permission and track a cell phone, you will have to respond to your actions. All the applications are under the same low and all of them require permission. Make sure you do right steps to track a cell phone or computer. We hope we could help you and cover all the questions connected to the legacy of tracking cell phone. Choose your cell phone tracking application and explore thousands of innovative features offered by the software’s. 

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