Frequently asked questions


How accurate is Mobile number Tracker?

Locate position accuracy is highly dependent on number of criteria, including the reception gotten by the cell phone, the phone’s default GPS settings and lots more. It is also important to know that results might vary from 10 meters up to several thousands of meters, depending in the location and altitudes of the phone. At, we make use of both GPS and mobile network to ensure you get the best possible location data whenever you need it. Whenever you perform a successful phone locate, an accuracy radius will display on your phone screen which will indicate the area where the phone is located.

Do I need to install an app or software on my phone?

Absolutely not. You don’t need to install any software or application as our service is based on technology that’s already installed on your phone.
Will This Service Work With My Cellphone?
Our service works with ALL phones, smart phones and feature phones. The only requirement is that your mobile phone must be connected to an active mobile network.

Can I only locate my phone?

Our service functions based on specific permissions. You may locate any phone on networks which we support. However, that can only function after you’ve opted-in to our service. You must ensure you have the complete permission of all owners and any users of all cell phones which you’re monitor, unless they are your minor child or you have been appointed as a legal guardian, ward or any other form of a legal custodian of the individual which you’re monitoring, such as your aged parent.

What Happens If I Don't Receive The Opt-In Text Message?

We send opt-in messages to everyone who desires to operate our service. However, if the phone you were attempting to locate didn’t receive the usual opt-in text message, you can try this instead; from the map screen page, left click the name of the phone and select "Phone Verify". We will put a call through to the mobile phone which you’re adding to our system and you will be instructed to enter a 4 digit code into the box on the phone verify page. It’s important that you remember this passcode as it will be important to your access.

Can I stop the location services at anytime?

Yes. Whenever you like, you’re free to opt-out. Once you have successfully opted out, an SMS will be immediately sent to the handset notifying you that the location services have stopped on your phone.

How do I remove a phone from my active list?

Removing a phone from your account is easy. All you have to do is login to Mobile Locate and select the phone you want to remove. Select “Remove Phone” from the menu options and immediately, Mobile Phone Locate will confirm the removal of that phone from your list. Choose “Ok” and that’s it. We’ll send a final opt-out message to the user of the mobile phone as confirmation that they’ve been removed.

What Does The Welcome SMS Message Say?

‘Welcome SMS message”

What Does The Stop/Opt Out Message Say?

“Opt out message”

Do I Receive an SMS Message Every Time I use Phone Tracker?

No, you don’t. the message is a one-time thing and doesn’t repeat itself
After The Opt-In Message Is Accepted Will Your Phone Receive Any Other Messages?
Yes. By company policy, we are required to send a periodic reminder message to the phone once every 90 days. This message provides the handset owner with information that we are still functional and that they are still subscribed to the service. The messages usually go thus, "Reminder: you're sharing your phone's location w/LVGPS Mobile Locate. Reply STOP to end, HELP for info. Msg & Data rates apply."

Can Phone Tracker find a lost or stolen phone?

It can, but the phone must have been registered on our service prior to being stolen. However, you should know that our service wasn’t designed to perform this function. It's a family locate service. Please, we will not be held liable for your lost/stolen phone! As stated earlier, our system is permission based. This means that in order to locate your phone, it must already have been opted into our system to work. Otherwise, it won’t

I don’t see my phone carrier on the list!

We’re currently working to expand our network of carriers so as to be able to accommodate even more. For now, we work with AT&T, Boost Mobile, Trac Phones, Sprint PCS, Verizon, Metro PCS, US Cellular, Virgin Mobile, & T-Mobile. If your mobile carrier isn’t ion the list, make sure to check back regularly. We can assure you that your mobile carrier is coming soon!

I’m concerned about security. How do you protect my personal information?

Your location information is private and we are committed to keeping it just that way. Your data is protected under the provisions of our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Location-Based Privacy Policy. All information you provide to us is SSL-encrypted on our secure servers. As part of our Privacy Policy, we will never sell, rent or give away data about our users. For added security and privacy control, each phone you register is required to opt-in to Mobile Locate. Once you get permission, you will receive a welcome SMS indicating that you’ve successfully signed up for locate services. You will also receive periodic reminders to verify your opt-in status.

Will your service drain my phone's battery?

No, due to the fact that there is no application running on your mobile device, you can rest assured that our service does not have any impact on your battery life whatsoever.
Additional questions?
We're here to help! Contact us directly at +1-417-555-0163 or send us an e-mail.